It’s BIG, it’s BOLD, it’s AMBITIOUS!

We are raising $1 Million Dollars for charity! That’s right – ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Empowered by an entrepreneur ‘The Initiative’ is the culmination of their dream’s and hope’s for a better future going forward.

…And here’s how you can help

By purchasing a virtual candle for ONLY $10.00 a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations all over the world that have also been impacted by this pandemic.  

You will be able leave your own personalized message of encouragement, dedication perhaps a tribute to a survivor or a memorial for a lost loved one. Or you may just want to eternalize your thoughts on 2020 or the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Your message could inspired others or give hope where there is none.

This is your opportunity to leave your message for the world.

Your donation will help to support charities all around the world.  

With $1 MILLION DOLLARS raised, our goal is to provide a $10,000 donation to each of 100 Charities World-Wide! 

If you’d like to nominate a charity not already on our list the opportunity for further nominations re-opens on August 1st 2020. 

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