It’s BIG, it’s BOLD & it’s AMBITIOUS!

We want to raise $1 Million Dollars for Charities ALL OVER THE WORLD!

…Headlines like this are everywhere we look and have become the new norm!
Charities and Non-Profits have lost their ability to fundraise, there’s been a significant drop in gift’s and in some cases have had to actually close their doors because they just where not able to keep going.
So, when we decided to create a website where anybody in the world could come and light a virtual candle from the safety of their home and be able to leave a personalized message or a memorial for a lost loved one, a prayer for healing or just wanted to eternalize their thoughts on 2020 and/or the Global Pandemic we knew we had to give back!
And so, we present…

A Million Candles of Hope

Throughout the world, lighting the candles has long been a sacred ritual in all traditions, creating precious moments in our own and other people’s lives.
We light a candle for many purposes: symbolizes bringing light into our lives and can bring serenity, peace and comfort….
We light a candle as a prayer for healing and in memory of a lost loves one.
When you light your own virtual candle for ONLY $5.00 and leave your personalized message on our world map we will donate $1 dollar from every sale.

Light a single candle and watch it ignite a

flame that reaches around the world!

Light a Candle

Changing the world … one candle at a time!