As social entrepreneurs who found the world to be in complete unrest before this Global PANdemIC now find more than ever PANIC has been a very real emotion many of us have struggled with during these difficult times and now combined with significant concerns around systemic racism, rioting and protests in many parts of the world, along with contentious politics, global conflict and more, we have found ourselves even more overwhelmed with the state of the world.

Giving back to charities and non-profits has been a very important part of our business culture for a very long time and a core value in any project we become involved in. 

Now, more than ever, we believe something positive must come from this pandemic and ‘The Year the World Stood Still’ … Initiative will help us do just that!

Our only hope is that some good can come out of this horrible pandemic. That people will begin to realize that all the ‘material stuff’ they want and feel they need is irrelevant compared to what they already may have: the love and support from family, friends and their health!

…And that we can now start to heal and treat everybody the same, with respect, compassion and kindness and maybe just maybe even end some of the world conflicts going on and bring even if it’s just a little “Peace on Earth”!

What a wonderful world we could live in…

Let us hope and pray that this is the outcome of the pandemic.

Light a single candle and watch it ignite

a flame that reaches around the world!

Light a Candle