Our Investor.

PANdemIC”  panic has been a very real emotion many of us have struggled with during these difficult times and now combined with significant concerns around systemic racism, rioting and protests in many parts of the world, along with contentious politics, global unrest and more, our investor has found themselves overwhelmed with the state of the world.

As an entrepreneur, this individual approached us with a very unique business concept … with an element of raising money for charities all around the world that have been impacted by this global pandemic.

Now, more than ever, she believes something positive must come from ‘The Year the World Stood Still.

“My only hope is that some good can come out of this horrible pandemic. That people will start to realize that all the material ‘stuff’ they want and feel they need is irrelevant compared to what they already have: family, friends and health! And that we can now start to heal and treat everybody the same, with respect, compassion and kindness … just as the saying goes “treat people the way we want to be treated”. And maybe just maybe even end some of the world’s conflicts going on and bring “Peace on Earth”! What a wonderful world we could live in. Let’s hope and pray this is the outcome of this pandemic.”

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