The Year the World Stood Still
2020 has been a year like no other and will go down in history as ‘The Year the World Stood Still’! Imagine a website where anybody in the world could come and light a virtual candle from the safety of their home and be able to leave a memorial for a lost loved one, a prayer for healing, a personalized message or just wanted to eternalize their experiences and/or thoughts in 2020 on a Map where people from around the world can come and read them for years to come?!

A Million Candles of Hope

Become a part of HISTORY by lighting a candle for ONLY $5 and leaving your message on our World Map.  There will ONLY be 1 Million Candles placed on the map. $1 from every candle sale will be donated to Charities all around the world.  You can read more on our Initiative here.

Light a single candle and watch it ignite a flame that reaches around the world!

Light a Candle

The world has always been divided … not just by the oceans between our Continents, but by cultures, ethnicity and races, religion and political cultures and beliefs.

World Wars were started and fought because of these ideals…

Unfortunately the world has been divided for as long as any of us can ever remember no matter our age – until NOW that is! There is one thing that the entire world has in common.

The 2020 Global Pandemic!

A pandemic that has brought OUR entire world to a standstill!

That has brought sickness, death and devastation to every corner of the earth… No matter our race, ethnicity, religion or political beliefs we all only have one goal – to end this Pandemic! Just think about that for a moment … the entire world actually agrees on the exact same thing, we have become unified!

Is it possible that this Global Pandemic could bring the world just a little closer together – what an incredible thought that is…

A Million Candles of Hope

Light a single candle and watch it ignite

a flame that reaches around the world!